Web-specific map applications on the web..

– Retail Sector

– Fastfood Firms

– Supermarkets

– Coffee and Tea Chains

– Geomarketing

– Distribution Channels


Click on the list of data you need to use analyzes “DATA”

To map the company branch, region, customer, visit points.

To measure the potential of the areas considered for investment.

Report new branch opening.

See potential new customers and visits on the map.

To see competitors in the selected area.

Draw the distance zone.

Draw the time zone.

To see the values ​​of land and housing.

Counting the target audience.

To see and count A, B, C, D income groups.

See regional spending habits.

Provincial – district – neighborhood – street, retail trade areas management.

To get the street index of the distribution area.

To calculate the most suitable region of a city to invest.

The system is ready. You can use it with the installation of your specific data.

Region and data-based authorization is possible.

Your data is an international system security.

The demographics, administrative structure, competitors, street structure, new sites you will use are read from the cloud system and updated twice a year.