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All the streets in Turkey, avenues, boulevards, squares, cluster homes, hamlets they are attached to local government, municipalities, counties and listelenmiştir.h an item UAVT code with the provincial information bulunmaktadır.847.000 adettir.mart be updated as güncellenmiştir.düzenl on 2019.

According to Turkey’s current place as each street positional oluşturulmuştur.sokak housing in the cottage, the number of workplace, information is given to development.

32000 neighborhoods and 18000 villages’ border geometry and province – county – neighborhood / village names and uavt code containing the form of the form is the form of the form.

It is a street based brand number report. 25% of the price can be updated for the price.

Population, Age, Gender, marital status, neighborhood based data including educational information. It is used by matching the data of Excel or neighborhood boundaries.

A, B, C, D is the population that includes income group populations, SES level, Expenditure behaviors, per capita income information. It is used by matching the data of Excel or neighborhood boundaries.

City, District, District, Neighborhoods and villages, UAVT codes and coordinates are the data.

UAVT is data containing boundaries and codes of all districts in Turkey.

The oldest map was made in Çatalhöyük 8200 years ago. The map of Çatalhöyük and Hasan Dağı were given on this map. This map, which is drawn on the wall, is 3 meters long and 90 centimeters wide. As a result of the carbon 14 analysis, it was revealed that this map was built in 6200 BC. The stored map is still on display at the Anatolian Civilizations Museum.

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