POIs, Workplaces, Firms, Brand Lists, and Sectoral Competitor Lists.

Competitive analysis, Geomarketing (location based marketing), the nearest brand, where the infrastructure is the data for the application.

POI database designed in accordance with UAVT (National Address Database) system.

Each POI is assigned to a street and a street, a boulevard, a square, a place, a cemetery and a village and a neighborhood where the houses are connected.

200 brands are managed in Food, Textile, Bank, Fuel and Retail sectors.


Key Points Set consisting of large institutions such as Housing Site, Lodging, Transportation, Subway, Pier, Public institution, Large corporations, Health institutions, Schools, Universities.

Special data is produced on request.

It will be delivered by e-mail within 1 day.

All Turkey, Canton province, can be obtained from the county district.

To visualize the data you receive from a map tool, you can obtain it from AddressHarita if you do not have neighborhood data. “ADD LINK”

It is updated twice a year. The updates are 25% of the data price. There is an update system linked to UAVT codes.